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Cleaning brushes has always been a hassle… not anymore! Our new Hygienic Brush Cleaning soap will have your brushes clean in seconds!
Say bye bye to makeup and bacteria sat amongst your bristles. Our non-Oily formula with Aloe ensures no damage to fibres and is simple to use. Leaving brushes Aloe fresh!

The Large Hygienic Cleaning Soap 100g and includes silicone mat to swirl bristles against to again ease the cleaning process.

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What Some of Our Customers Say

Lulu Kemp

I absolutely love this brush cleaner! It lasts ages, has a lovely subtle scent to it and leaves brushes like new again and smelling lovely. I actually love cleaning my brushes now and it takes literally seconds! I am about to purchase another as I'm almost out! I have also bought as presents for friends and family and they've all loved it x x


I mean where do I even start?! This soap has made cleaning brushes much simpler and effective especially with the silicone mat. It takes seconds, even if youre the OTT cleaner like me- this soap is an essential in every make up bag!! I used to hate washing brushes but this method is so therepeutic to do, it's quick, it's clean and leaves the bristles soft - it works!! I love mine!!!