About Us

Makeup Musthaves

Our founder Rita Cunningham has always been a Makeup Lover and has worked in the beauty industry now for over 20 years.

After several years training Makeup Artists at Benefit Cosmetics, Rita created Makeup Doctor, a coaching serivce helping ordinary woman with their makeup.

She soon realised that the majority of her customers had been stuck in a rut with their makeup because they had self taught & were using the wrong type of makeup brushes for the wrong areas!

This gave Rita a mission to simplify makeup, by creating easier to use makeup brushes & showcasing the correct techniquies how to use them.

This ultimately led to the creation of Makeup Musthaves in 2014.

Our Story


When Rita met Anita!
At just nine yeard old, our founder Rita met with the founder of the Body Shop Anita Roddick. She was so inspired by her moral code, not to mention her brave and innovative approach to the industry she worked in She was, after all, the first to speak out against animal testing! This meeting stayed with Rita and as she grew, she always remembered that no matter what, she could always make a different.



After years of working with some of the biggest luxury brands on the high street, Rita gained an increasable amount of knowledge and experience in the beauty world.

She learnt that when it came to beauty, woman found it easy to make a purchase but nver seemed fully content with the result. Therefore, she found they seemed to be on a never ending journey trying to discover 'the next best thing / product."


After the birth of her daughter Rita began to run a Makeup Coaching practice and after working with beauty brands across the UK, she had an idea.

She realised that her customers were yearning for a more flawless finish to their makeup.

She knew of cause, that this could only be achieved with a winning combination - the right products, technique and tools. To acheive this would be costly and would mean
spending hundredds upon hundreds of pounds on makeup, training and tools themselves.


Rita realised that alot of the tools on the market jut werent't designed to make applying makeup easier for the 'everyday makeup wear'. In fact, they were making it harder! If it wasn't the incorrect fibres it was the wrong sizes! So, she pooled her wealth of experience and knowloedge, and embarked on a mission to create a foundation brush that would make any foundation appear smootherm with no extra methods needed.


This part wasn't easy and it took time. Rita was looking for something very specific - the thinnest fibres, packed as tightly as possible, without forfeiting the flexibility. Because of this, she declined the first 11 prototypes of the Flawless Foundation Brush alone because they just weren't perfect for everyone - and that's all she wanted. She knew that if she put in the hard work now, her future customers would find their makeup routine easier.


Once Rita selected the perfect protype, she begain to test it! Firstly on herself, with every foundation she owned. Then on her clients, who she found owned a variety of foundations, from premium brands to cheaper mass market brands, but they also had a variety of skin types so the finish for this could also be tested...


...And it worked! 100% of her clients found it easier to use the brush than their existing brush and they also found it gave them a smoother coverage - without feeling'cakey'! Result! What was even more amazing was that the method to apply was simplied by this brush


Makeup Musthaves was born. Gone are the days of spending upto £30 on a single brush. Makeup Musthaves provides a better design at less than hlf the price - and all with the concept of 'makeup made easy'

From here, Rita began to work backwards from the client. Discovering what they wanted to achieve, she created every tool in the perfect fibre, flexibility and size to make it simple for them to do. Now, the everyday makeup wearer had a collection of luxury brushes, for all areas of the face in exactly the correct size, fibre and price. In fact, the brushes would cost them only a fifth of the price that they would from other high-end brands.