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Easy flicks can be your thing with our matt black Easy Eyeliner Pen. Unlike a brush tip it is designed to give you more control when applying eyeliner.

Get flicks in an instant or just frame the eyes.

The nib is like a pen but with a little flexibility to glide the liner across the lids. The nib also narrows to the tip so that you can create thinner or thicker liner.

Long lasting formula and smudge proof.

Matt Black

Directions for application:

Glide the tip of the liner along the upper lash line. start very gently for a ‘thinner’ line and press on firmer towards the outer corner and flick to create a ‘thicker’ line.

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What Some of Our Customers Say

Fallon Southwell

I was blown away with this product! I’ve never been able to do a flick, this is a game changer! For the first time ever after using this liner pen I could leave the house with a flick. The colour is intense which I love but the tip allows you to choose the thickness that suits you and it stays in place all day and night without any smudging !

Julie Butterfield

Another great product, doesn't dry out at all and gives the perfect lines best liner I've used so will definitely buy again.

Laverick Louise

Used this for the first time and I’m blown away with how easy it was! I don’t have the steadiest hand but Rita’s fab tutorial over on Instagram was the perfect guiding hand I needed. Precision tip ensures it goes exactly where you place it and you can create fine lines or nice wide flicks. Perfect!