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Easy Eye Inspired is exactly what it says!

Jewel toned shades named after our favourite inspirational women.

When designing this palette we wanted to give you more colour while allowing you to be yourself. There is ‘light’, ‘medium’ and ‘darker shades, and also a selection of  matt and shimmer finishes so that you could create:

  • Everyday eye look with subtle colour
  • Jewelled eye looks
  • Dramatic but wearable eye looks

The range of shades give you colours that will work together instead of ‘blending into one shade’ and the different finish will allow the shadows to contrast showing off amazing eyes in a jiffy!

Our Easy Eyes Inspired Palette is for anyone from the eyeshadow beginner to the eye obsessed and everyone in between!


Emmeline – a light matt shade which makes a great base. Named after Emmeline Pankhurst for helping women win the right to vote and have a voice.

Diana – a soft natural shimmer loved by many just like ‘Princess Diana’ who inspired the shade.

Jacinda – a soft pink shimmer that looks subtle enough but has enough colour to make a difference. Inspired by Jacinda Ardern the prime minister of New Zealand who not only affects change for the greater good but also gave birth while in office!

Use over the lid and combine with a darker shade in the outer corners or use under the brow to define

Malala – a medium matt warm taupe. Inspired by Malala Yousafzai an activist for female education but a woman who was willing to be brave enough to speak up when no one else dared.

Pink – a medium pink shimmer inspired by Pink the singer who not only is super talented, but has always led by the example that ‘being yourself’ is the best way to be!

Williams – A pop of shimmery purple that was inspired by Venus and Serena (we really couldn’t choose) because what better example of what commitment and motivation is there!? and that anything you want is possible…

Use over the entire lid to create a lovely one shade eye look, or just use in the outer corners to shade.

Brene – a dark matt neutral brown.  Inspired by Brene Brown (you see what we did there) a research professor in vulnerability and courage. If you haven’t seen her TED talk on ‘the power of vulnerability’ go watch it…

Use in the outer corners of the eyes or under bottom lash line to frame eye shape, or for a smoky eye look.

Amy – a peachy orange, bright and unapologetic just like the talented Amy Winehouse. Who inspired this shade not only because of her talent but because she was unique and unafraid to be.

Anita – a shimmery forest green in honour of Anita Roddick who is the reason testing cosmetics on animals is now banned. She started the movement that ‘businesses have the power to do good’.

Use over the entire lid to make a colourful eye popping look or just in the corners and under to frame eyes

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