We know there are so many brushes out there and it can be confusing trying to work out what they do!Makeup Musthaves have done all the research for you. We worked with over 100 everyday makeup wearers just like you. We learned that you spend lots of time and effort choosing the right makeup BUT, the brushes and tools being used with the products weren’t making the most of them.

The correct brush can improve the finish of your makeup, make it easier to apply, and allow you to place the product exactly where it should be.

We decided that these poorly crafted tools were not good enough and it was time to create brushes that are not only premium quality, but are also affordable and simple to use so that you, the everyday makeup wearer, will immediately see the difference in your makeup application and finish.

Makeup Musthaves took their years of research and designed the Ultimate Easy Collection. It has been a labour of love with many prototypes and designs along the way and the first finalised set is still in use by the creator and designer.

Want to know the whys behind our brushes? Then read on

Why does size matter?


Why are the bristles important?


Why are they in a set?


Why are they white?


Why and how they fit in ANY makeup bag?