Makeup Brush Cleaner

£ 5.99

Who hates cleaning makeup brushes? That’s pretty much all of us

We know how long it can take to clean brushes and we also know that clean brushes mean the smoothest application of makeup.

So, we decided to make cleaning easy too! There is no quicker way

Use our silicone makeup brush cleaner to cleanse and remove product from your brush bristles. The silicone groves tackle the dirtiest of brushes in seconds.

  • Clean your brushes in less than a minute
  • No damage to brushes and bristles
  • Use with household antibacterial cleaning gel
Circulate your wet brush tip in our Hygienic Brush soap and then swirl bristles in a circular or figure of eight motion onto the cleaner.. If the brush is very dirty then you may need to repeat, rinse brush thoroughly. There is no quicker way to clean brushes!
Gently squash fibres together if they have splayed slightly in washing or through flicking the excess water away.Dry brushes horizontal and allow to dry naturally if possible.

DO NOT dry brushes vertically as this can damage the ferrules
(the metal bit holding the bristles)

SYNTHETIC FIBRE BRUSHES due to the less flexible nature of these bristles please wash in the palm of your hand as above and repeat several times to ensure they are thoroughly clean. This will extend the life of your bristles.

Heavy use  weekly
Medium use  2-3 weekly
Light use  monthly