12. Medium Eyeshadow Placer Brush

12. Medium Eyeshadow Placer Brush


Made of:
Goat hair. With a curved edge to place colour into the eye socket and a much flatter brush design to press powder onto the eyelids.

What is it for:
If you would prefer an all-over single colour eye look or a medium toned eyeshadow as your base, then this brush is ideal. This brush is smaller than the Light Placer and works well with medium tone colours such as gold or taupe, ensuring the correct distribution of colour and preventing your eyeshadow from escaping from the eye lid.

Hot to use it:
Wriggle the flat of the brush into your eyeshadow and tap off excess, press over the eyelid up to the socket line.

Other uses:
This brush can also be used for detailed contouring around the nose and under the bottom lip.

Other information:
The eyeshadow brushes in this collection have been designed in large, medium, and small, not only for their different methods of application, but to also ensure there is a different brush for each tone of colour in your eyeshadow palette, helping to avoid ‘panda eyes’ ‘over washing the brushes’ and create your perfect eye look!