Wouldn’t you love your makeup application to be quick and simple? And you’d love a better finish from ALL of your makeup products, wouldn’t you? You’ve come to the right place, and you’re about to make the right decision! There are hundreds of brushes out there so we know it’s difficult to single out the right ones for you. That’s why our founder created the “Makeup Made Easy” concept, because that is exactly what makeup should be for every makeup wearer. No techniques or complicated methods, just tools expertly designed to give you a flawless finish every time. Join the rest of us who are already saving time and improving our makeup by using Makeup Musthaves, in our Makeup Made Easy movement!



We soon realised that there really wasn’t anything on the market that was made exactly for purpose or that made makeup easy. If you imagine colouring a small or delicate area in a colouring book, but only having a paint brush that is larger than the area, you are never going to get the detail you want! We ensured all our brushes were designed in the dimensions required to fit specifically in the different areas of the face.


Did you know that Synthetic bristles have traditionally been designed to use with moisture based products?, like foundation and concealer. The reason for this, is so that the oils and moistures from your product, don’t get ‘absorbed’ by your brush, and are then transferred to the face. The stiffness of a synthetic fibre means it is better suited to transferring and spreading out a liquid product. Now natural fibres were designed to use with powder products, the flexibility in the shaft of the fibre is what lends itself to ‘blending’ and therefor blusher or bronzer is easily applied with no ‘patchiness’. You can see now how using the incorrect fibre for each can a) make it time consuming to apply the product, and b) make it difficult to blend leaving you with a patchy finish. Unfortunately brands tend to use synthetic fibres for all brushes, to cut costs. We didn’t want to give you anything less than what will work, so we also made tweaks along the way like using the finest synthetic for the foundation brush so you would have less brush strokes and an even smoother finish. And also looked at fibre length to exact the flexibility and pressure you would need for perfect application. This is key to Makeup Made Easy!.


Brushes used with creamy products or brushes that remain damp can collate bacteria and even mould, eww. The trouble is you can’t see it because your brush heads are generally dark in colour! We designed our heads in white, firstly to set a hygiene standard, so that if this did happen you would know to replace it and prevent bad skin or breakouts. Secondly, so that you know when to wash your brushes, (I know, we all avoid this job), and clean brushes equals smoother makeup application!


Gone are the days of spending £30 on a single brush! Most of the time you are just paying for the brand and not the quality or function of the brush. Our makeup brushes provide you with a better design at less than half the price. We did the math and to buy the full collection of brushes in a ‘similar’ quality or standard you would spend £367.50. Not only that if you calculate how much you are spending for a years worth of amazing makeup …. Its only 21p a day!